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 photo 303f310a-c654-4c7d-9225-0cb4ea17d419_zps54f1b71b.jpg Armed With Legs "Amed With Legs" - "Little Sinner"

 photo Gunslinger_zpscab9dcae.jpg Gunslinger "Breaking Through" - "Breaking Through"

 photo 49073200-ae56-4c79-a3eb-3cf8aa0abcd6_zps967597d0.jpg Paper Tongues "Crowd Surfing" - "Amen"

ESpic1 Electric Shepherd "Imitation Garden" - "Imitation Gardens (part 1)"

thewintersounds3 The Winter Sounds "Runner" - "The Sun Also Rises"

Photobucket The Love Dimension "Forget The Remember" - "True Love Comes 'Round Again"

thehaguepdx The Hague "Black Rabbit" - "Everyone"

PhotobucketThe Memorials "Delirium" - "Daisies"

PhotobucketThe Family Curse "BlackQueen" - "Every Night"

theprojection2The Projection "While You were Out" - "Florida"

aso2 Age Sex Occupation "This Side of the Fence" - "the day i ignored street signs"

PhotobucketSophie Barker "Seagull" - "Say Goodbye"

PhotobucketPoor Boy's Soul "Burn Down" - "Nails in the Pines"

PhotobucketBeneath Wind and Waves "Non-etre" - "God Said"

PhotobucketRags & Ribbons " The Glass Masses" - "Even Matter"

Photobucket Black Pussy "On Blonde" - "Blow Some Steam Off"

Photobucket Poor Boy's Soul "Burn Down" - "Burn Down That House"

Photobucket The Janks "Hands Of Time" - "Dead Man"

Photobucket White Orange "White Orange" - "Dinosaur Bones"

Photobucket Magnuson"Crash of Cassini" - "Real Control"

Photobucket Campfire OK"Strange Like We Are" - "Primp and Prune"

Photobucket Sassy!!!"Diggin Deep" - "So Good It's Bad"

Photobucket GUNSLINGER"Early Volumes 1" - "Run For Your Life"

Photobucket Campfire OK"Strange Like We Are" - "Strange Like We Are"

Photobucket The Winebirds"Seance Hill" - "The Solution"

Photobucket Climber"The Mystic" - "I Have Seen Everything"

Photobucket J minus"Devil Music" - "Congratulations You Suck"

Photobucket Strength"Mind-Reader" - "Metal"

Photobucket Judge Jackson "DRIVE" - "Radio"

Photobucket Microtia "SPACEMAKER" - "1000% Sure"

Photobucket Judge Jackson "DRIVE" - "Drive"

Photobucket Transient Songs "Cave Syndrome" - "Sin through the Summer"

Photobucket Jessie Torrisi "Bruler Bruler" - "X in teXas"

Photobucket The Burning Hotels "Novels" - "To Whom It May Concern"

Photobucket The Burning Hotels "Novels" - "Austin's Birthday"

Photobucket Bonedome's "Thinktankubator" - "Steven"

Photobucket Stephanie Schneiderman - "Wide Open"