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Where to start? We do PR. XO Publicity was established in 2003 with the intent to work with all genres of music. Our firm developed out of a desire to help indie and smaller labels compete in the press race. We offer lower rates and maximum flexibility to make our campaigns run smoothly. XO has a staff of 12 who work on projects as a team. The XO policy is to ensure the continued development of relationships with our artists, labels, writers and editors. Along with press we also offer radio campaigns. Our radio database consists of over 10,000 college, indie, webzines, blogs and mainstream contacts. Each project receives special consideration based on the style, special needs and wishes of the artists. XO embraces a grassroots approach to our service when contacting writers and editors via phone and mail. You never know what to expect when you see an XO in the return address of a package. We are determined to keep it that way!